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Website Redesign

East Side Club

Skills: Web Design, Concepting, Web Hosting

Programs: WordPress, HTML, CSS, WP Bakery Page Builder, Event Calendar

Fresh and Modern

East Side Club was the client I had the pleasure of helping as I was developing my skills in WordPress. Their previous site was not meeting the aesthetic they were looking to portray for their business. They have a beautiful location on Lake Monona, with astonishing views of the Capital building. They needed their website to reflect that. Throughout the creation of this site I encountered many digital challenges I never expected, including investigating who their host was, proper admin logins, and other challenges.  There had been many changes in their staff, and know one knew any of these details! I learned an incredible amount of patience and perseverance through this and I feel like the challenges were what made this experience the most rewarding.

Prior to redesign

The previous site used dark colors and unstyled modules. It felt very closed off and uninviting. By adding white space and some beautiful styled modules it really changed the feel into a bright, inviting space, exactly what a bride is looking for in a wedding venue.