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Fitrition Genius App

Development of Fitrition Genius App ran over the course of an entire semester of my studies at Madison Area Technical College for the UX Design class.

That process involved a number of steps:

  • Develop and conduct screener surveys and user interviews
  • Use survey and interview data to develop personas, empathy maps and user flow diagrams
  • Prototyped, on paper, a basic wireframe to be sure I was on the right track before working digitally
  • Built a black and white wireframe and prototype in Sketch
  • Apply styling to the Sketch wireframe

Since completing this project I have¬†updated the app to Version 2. The original name I chose for the app didn’t seem to fit the product so I did some mind mapping and decided a mashup between fitness and nutrition would speak to what the app was created to do much better than the original name of Results Driven.